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Does anyone else have a Memory problem?

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edited June 2017 in General Chat

my maplestory just hit over 1k and it was not like this till today.

anyone else?


  • Its2Sharp4UIts2Sharp4U
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    edited June 2017
    My game generally hits 1k now, but I remember when it use to be much less.

    But anything higher than that than this may be related to your problem:
    Graphic elements missing after playing for a while

    There is probably a memory leak within the client that unfortunately isn't our (the players) fault.
  • chaoscauserchaoscauser
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    Yeah they screwed up something really .... the crashing is pissing me off
  • Retr0_Retr0_
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    wat. i even have 3gbs in use for MS at times.