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Account tradable inventory coupons

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I think it would be great [and reasonable] if inventory coupons given out by Nexon for events were tradable within an account. The current override event is a perfect example. The override registration gift contained inventory coupons along with nodestones, a chair, event coins, kinship ring, etc. And while I wanted/needed most of it on my main, the inventory slots are redundant and completely going to waste, while I have alts or mules who are absolutely strapped for inventory space.
I understand that inventory slots are a way the company is making money, but when they are giving you something for free, it's sweet if you can actually use it.
Also the system where you can pick which rewards you want to collect on that character is great, implementing that system for everything like this would also be ideal.

Anyone else tired of seeing these freebie coupons going to waste, or do most people just not have their slots maxed out?
  1. Should giften inventory slot coupons be tradable within account?1 vote
    1. I have my mains inventory maxed and would love to see this option
       100% (1 vote)
    2. I'm not even close to max and use the coupons every time
       0% (0 votes)
    3. You can't have everything you want, your alts are bums
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    Inventory slot coupons that are tradeable in account do exist. They just chose to give the untradeable kind this time.

    Nexon has always had a tendency to give giftpacks like that, where everything is untradeable and half of it will go to waste, no matter which character you claim the box on.
    However, they have recently introduced several systems that allow us to claim each gift on a different character. We can only hope that they will, in the future, switch to using those systems exclusively.