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[TEXT/FUNCTIONALITY] Channels after 1 are offset

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edited July 2017 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Text and Functionality

Brief bug summary:

KMS has a special Channel 20 as their second channel in their servers - one specifically for 20+ year olds:


We don't have that, but GMS removed it without properly accommodating for it, causing some functionality and text errors.

More details:

Some examples of this bug (I can't find every instance of the bug, obviously):

Super megaphones are one channel off: if you use a smega in channel 3, it will show that you are in channel 2. If you smega from channel 2, it will show the channel 20+ text that only KMS has:


The Flag Race is supposed to take place in channel 2 - in fact, it says this in the screenshot below - however, it sends you to channel 3.


Root Abyss currently can be done in Channels 14 through 16, however, the intended channels are actually supposed to be Channels 13 through 15 according to KMS patch notes. The entry text in GMS seems to have accommodated for this, though.


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    I have reported this issue.