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Chinese Auction Event

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I figured they should have something like this for maplestory. It would bring the community together and also win a few items if your lucky.

What is a Chinese Auction??

A Chinese auction is where people donate items such as towels or big prizes like gift cards for a good cause.

This is how it will work for maplestory.

Every Mon, Wed, Fri there will be prizes donated from maplers. It could be Rare items, Chairs, Mounts, or even something worth a lot of meso.

There will be an entrance fee something like this

1 ticket - 50m
5 ticket - 250m
10 tickets - 500m

The money donated in the bank could also be won as well something like a 50/50 drawing.

The Jackpot could be like 1 - 9 B depending on how much is donated

There will be like 12 prizes each hour to be win.

What are your suggestions ??