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how do you leave shaolin temple?

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anyone know how to escape shaolin temple? cant find any portal out. no warp scrolls work, and I cant afford nx right now to get a hyper teleport rock.


  • Its2Sharp4UIts2Sharp4U
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    Since you can't Maple Guide out of there the best tip I can give you is compare the mini-map and world map.

    On the mini-map you can hover your mouse to view where the next portal goes. You should be able to work you're way out.

    Otherwise, at Mahavira Hall, take the most left portal. (Left is this way <---) Continue going left portals until Mountainside.

    At the mountain side, take right portals (Right is this way --->), passing by Mount Song Hamlet, and keep taking right portals until you reach Residential Area.

    At Residential Area, there should be a Shanghai Interdimensional Portal which is the exit out.

    If you somehow end up in Yu Garden take left portals (Left is this way <---) until you reach Residential Area.