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MesoTron X dying too early.

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edited July 2017 in Bug Reporting
not talking about the self destruct. I mean you learn Mesotron X Skill and it expires in less than 2 minutes. I learned that one move 10 times used it twice.
Character: VashaTyphoon
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Time: 7:40am Pacific timezone.

Doubt this will be fixed anytime before the event ends but if you guys do have a chance to fix the rapid expiration of the skill, that would be nice.
Work around, learn, put onto a key, use or learn again and use immediately through the key the skill's put on. set a timer for 5 minutes and relearn move after that point.
Cooldown is 5 minutes, expiration is 2minutes after learning. The other two moves are set to expire July 25th so they're fun to use.