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2hr 3x exp special coupon

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So I use the coupon during the 2x event and the coupon did not work. I never used these tickets before only the 2x exp coupons I've used. So I submitted a ticket and they told me that 3x exp coupons DOES NOT work during events only on regular days which I wasn't aware of that plus it did not say on the website nor the coupon its self. So I'm like ok whatever. A week later I was browsing though my marvel coupon volt and found another 2hr 3x exp special coupon. This time I used it on a regular day. The coupon did not work again!! I submitted another ticket and provided two screen shots. I thought this time I would get compensated but they told me that the "Game Specialist" told the customer reps that its working. I did not get any compensation. They even told me after the maintenance to provide video evidence. COME ON! how can I provide video evidence when my coupon expired hours ago?!?!? customer rep: well the game specialist said that its working and I cannot give you any compensation

bogus... They want me to get another 3x exp special coupon which isn't provided in CS and Marvel isn't open. They just want me to spend more money and tell me the same thing over and over.