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Kicked out of Dream Defender with win conditions

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edited August 2017 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: functionality

Brief bug summary: Suddenly kicked out and fail dream defender with plenty of time and nearly winning a floor.

Description: For the past two days on my final dream defender run I had plenty of time, and was about to win, when I was suddenly kicked out and failed. The first time I was on floor 40 with 2 minutes left and the bar was almost completely yellow. Today I was on floor 30 with over 2:30 left and all boxes were yellow. I went into the middle room to wait for some to turn purple and was suddenly kicked out and failed. I think both times I had all boxes yellow. No one in my guild has this issue so it might be class specific as I am the only Angelic Buster I know.

Steps to reproduce: On an Angelic Buster, start 3rd run of dream defender on a floor you can easily beat. Make every box yellow and go into the center room. Suddenly fail.

Character: SaiiorAiiy27

Character level: 230

Character job: Angelic Buster

World: Reboot

Date and time of incident: 7/31/17 and also 9:20 AM pacific 8/1/17


  • Kat27Kat27
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    edited August 2017
    I tried today with no soul seeker and I didn't get kicked out. I do not have a video unfortunately. My current theory is that soul seekers were running while I exited the room and that triggered something.