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Master Of Eluna Box Perm?

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edited August 2017 in General Chat
Can someone confirm if the *Master of Eluna Box* is perm or not, I want to stick it in storage and use it at a later date on another class.

However, I have the fear that it is gonna disappear in like a month probably... I've seen stuff like this happen too often in MapleStory and would really love a confirmation on it being Perm.

P.S. It doesn't have an Expiration date, But I have seen items expire without an Expiration in the past and this Box gives an item with a *Timed Effect* meaning the Effect on it will expire, due to this I am worried if the Box itself could possibly expire.

P.P.S I am wanting to save it for Cadena when it releases in GMS (I'm assuming around the Holidays)


  • EfficientlyLazyEfficientlyLazy
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    The box itself, unopened, is permanent (or at least no expiry date has been shown). I have one sitting in my inventory. When you do use it, I've heard that the unique pot scroll does expire.

    This does not guarantee that it is permanent though. Given the lack of consistency when it comes to time-stamps, UTC & whatnot, I don't have much expectations.