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Kanna - Incorrect Haku Perfected description (IED)

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edited August 2017 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Haku Perfected description shows incorrectly the amount of Ignore Enemy Defense (IED%).

Brief bug summary: The description of Haku Perfected shows 0% IED, where it should show 40% IED instead. Which is shown correctly in the 2nd job Shadowbound Haku skill.

More details:


Steps to reproduce:
1. Put 15 sp in Haku Perfected (4th job Kanna)
2. Hover over the description of Haku Perfected.

Character name: Yonaku
Character level: 228
Character job: Kanna
World name: Luna
Date and time of the incident: 31-08-2017 00:20 CEST