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Dream Defender

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Okay so after logging in I was checking features and enabling them and I always start my maple sessions with 3 Dream Defender runs.
I was told that it is too easy now.
In this run I am now hearing this is a bug and not to go pass level 100
I deiced to press the exit button hoping it would just say fail but I am now with 99 clears.

I want to know...Is this a glitch or just how it is now,
I don't wanna exploit this and if it is so...I will wait till it is fix.
To be even more safe I will delay my other two rounds since this screenshot and just go about my day doing other things such as grinding for exp.

I have noticed that my buffed up skills do the one hit but early skills like soul burner does not break it or them with holding the attack key so either I am OP after the revamp or this is a glitch and I wanna know so I don't go as far as to mess up my account.