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Hitokiri Strike not modified by Buff Duration

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edited September 2017 in Bug Reporting
More details:
Hitokiri Strike can be modified with "Skill Cooldowns: -#%" from Mercedes Legion Member Bonus. Hitokiri Strike should be able to be modified with Buff Duration. Passive Hyper Skills have no effect on whether or not Hitokiri Strike can be modified. Other 4th job Skills can be (and should be) modified by Buff Duration.

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Get Buff Duration
  2. Use Hitokiri Strike and expect it to have an increased duration
  3. Learn that Hitokiri Strike has a fixed duration of 40 (+20 with the Passive Hyper Skill) seconds of duration

Character name: TillWhen

Character level: 210

Character job: Hayato

World name: Broa

Date and time of the incident: After v.188 – Tune Up Update Patch