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Lotus Bug

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edited September 2017 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Game boss, mechanic

Brief bug summary: Lotus spawns "plataform boxes" which you are supposed to stand over or else you die, sometimes you won't be able to stand over them.

More details: Latus has an attack where he spawns boxes which are used as plataforms for players during the boss fight so we can evade the 1 hit KO laser on the ground. Sometimes the plataform spawnbox is not correct and players won't be able to step on them even after various attempts (they just "fall" through them) either using Jump key or teleports therefore they die.

Steps to reproduce: Fight lotus, wait for him to spawn the junk boxes, JUMP/Teleport on them

Character name: Skarnio

Character level: 224

Character job: Battle Mage (yay)

World name: Luna

Date and time of the incident: 12/09/17 time: like 5 mins ago