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Dream Defender guide

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Dream Defender is the daily dungeon you can do to get Lachelein Arcane Symbols, so you can only start doing at lv220+, able to attempt 3 times a day it doesn't give many Symbols and Experience at the start, for most people you will get less than Chu Chu PQ, so it's pretty underwhelming at first.

Even with low amounts of Symbols it still worth doing, so this dungeon have a lot of floors, it can go up to 999, but most people will go up to 50 and the pros usually stop at 100, so it's not something you can rush and done, each floor have 5 rooms you move and 3minutes at max ,this dungeon will become difficult at some point, the floor you can clear vary with a lot of things: Stats, mobbing capability, efficiency and lag too.

At the start you talk to the NPC and you can check multiple things:

There you can enter and get coins depending on what floor you cleared(if you clear floor 10=10coins, if it's 29=29coins), you can trade coins for Lachelein Arcane Symbols, every 30=1symbol(unlike Chu Chu and Road Vanishing, you don't need to use the symbols everyday, you can get em all at once to get a level).

Remember you can get EVERYDAY coins with these 5 NPCs in the city(close to clocktower) that represent the top 5 peoples in the rankings in Dream Defender, it's usually worth 27~~30(1 symbol), so get the coins everyday(i got this image in a KMS video since the NPCS are usually bugged in GMS), talk to em and they give a diferent amount of coins each:

The NPC will save some floors you clear, every 10 to be exact, if you clear one above it won't save, it can save as a record, but you start in floors ending with 0(or the first one), rember this it important when you start doing everyday(remember that you HAVE to clear at least ONE floor to get the coins, if you don't you will get 0 by either leaving or failing):

Dream Defender is heavy dependent on how well you move on the map, it doesn't matter your class or your stats, if you don't move quick(gotta go fast) you will end up losing or losing a lot of time, there's also how well you use your skills to kill mobs better and what's the best way to do more dmg in area, i see some people who are really strong and don't go further since they tend to be lazy or just suck in general.

In this dungeoun your goal is to make the bar fill yellow, similar to Chu Chu PQ you will be able to see your progress constantly:

Once it goes full yellow you win:

What makes the bar go yellow or purple is the music box inside, and there are two types:
the yellow one helps you
the purple ones don't
You have to hit the purple one(only one you can hit) until it transform to yellow, like this:

There's usually monsters with every room of the dungeoun, they will try to kill the yellow box and turn it purple so you lose, for some classes it can be very important to kill these mobs, so see if it's necessary or not(some classes can hit the box right away):

Every time you enter you will have 2 rooms with yellow boxes and 3 with purple, it doesn't matter which floor you start:

The ideal is to have most in your favor, so at least 3 yellow boxes so you can start winning, but hardly any class can keep up only 3, usually you will need 4 yellow boxes to actually clear, when you are in a floor that's too easy you can easily have 5 in less than 20seconds, and clearing in less than 30, in that case after killing all purple boxes go to a room that started yellow so it won't have enough time to turn purple(by killing the monsters).

Remember you can use points in the more difficult floors so you can clear it, like in this image you can see the 4 things you can use:

200-Stop the monster from attacking yellow boxes
300-Transform a purple box in yellow one(choses random room with purple box)
400-A summon to help you(honestly, i never used this one)
900-Kill all monsters in all rooms and no spawn in 10seconds

You can store up to 3000 points, so you can use skills in multiple floors that normaly you have a hard time to do, i often use the 300 points to clear floors since it's not too costy and seens the best overall, 200 points is more when you don't have much points or just need a litte help to win.

Since moving there is important, here's a tip: you can use these wood arrows to teleport to the portal above em, this can save time for some classes:

Also, anything, this is the portal to change rooms:

Note: There's no Arcane Force requirement, so no free bonus out of it.

@@Tips for dailiy runs:

-Since you can start in higher floors than 1, go to the highest possible that you are GARANTEE to clear, for my case i am garantee to clear floor 70 even thought i can enter 80, since it's too difficult, so i have to save points to 100%clear(i use the 300points one), that way i can get more coins without needing more damage.

-For some people you can go all in with all hypers and buffs(classes like mage explorers can use this well with Infinity) in certain floors that you aren't dominant, and after you clear and leave you can wait all hypers to go again and burst again, i always need to wait my 5job decents and such since i want to be sure i clear even if i lag in the middle of the run.

So i resort to use all my hypers and buffs to clear

And leave with the buttom on the right to leave:

Getting my reward basead on what floor i cleared:

Remember that some classes can have more difficult times killing monsters than others, so don't use Dream Defender as a measure of strenght 100%, but you can still try to improve as you go and actually go further than you excepted, it can also be a measure of how much you improved, i see that myself how i started clearing 60~~70 and now i can actually go 70~~75 with actually safety to clear.

Here's a demonstration:

I use my skills as i talk, so i can have a greater damage than what my avarage is, i try to use buffs at time i don't use much time(like when falling down).

Also if you happen to lag there, disabling the sound effect of the game can help a lot(since there a lot of monsters attacking):