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Absolute chef : zero feedbacks

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edited September 2017 in Bug Archive
Event: Absolute Chef

Issue: This event has been confusing me because I've been reading about people getting help using 'feedbacks', for me I just thought a feedback was when Gourdon Ritzy would say "This is slightly better than edible" (when it was rated 2 stars) but apparently you fight Gourdon Ritzy and he drops paper which tells you about ingredients in a recipe. I have never triggered this it has never happened, I have dishes sitting at 2 stars and after over 80 combos (thousands and thousands of ingredient box grinding, hours of hours training to get them to drop) I realize there is zero way I'm going to get that last medal without them, especially on the legendary tier. The lowest rated recipe I have is 2 stars now, bu even when I force a yuck dish (which makes Ritzy mad) I can not trigger a fight.

Apparently before you shut the event down because of an exploit you could trigger the fight (leading to getting feedbacks) when ever you enrage Ritzy 5 times in a row, but after you activated the event again this is no longer the case, if it is then it's random as I just tried triggering it and after 30 failed/angry dishes nothing.

How am I to finish this event when I can't get feedbacks?


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