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[Notice] Incorrect Region Direct Issue

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edited October 2017 in Announcements
You may have noticed that there is no longer a Region Select screen right before World Select after this update. We've received reports of Maplers who found themselves on the incorrect region upon starting the game, and unsure of how to get back to their rightful region.

Do not panic as we are looking to resolve this issue. However, for the time being, you can manually select your region by following the steps below:

  1. Enter character select in any of the available worlds.
  2. Press "ESCAPE"
  3. Check the top left of the World Selection screen for "Change Region"
  4. Select "Change Region" and select your proper region.

You should see the option here if you've correctly followed the steps above:



  • brisklybriskly
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    my problem is that I am not in Europe and when I open the game I enter america, ESC pulse and invites me to leave the game and I can not enter Europe