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Roni777 - Mod Application

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edited January 2018 in MapleStory VFM Application
A brief description of why you'd like to become a VFM.
Because Maplestory deserve a good VFM

What do you hope to accomplish as a VFM??
Becoming a communication bridge between players and Maplestory Team.

Do you have any experience moderating for other communities?
Not in game communities. Long time ago, when i was at the College, i was active on college organisations and teams.

In-Game Character Name: Redavengerz / RedNightW
World: Reboot
Discord User Name: Red


  • Roni777Roni777
    Reactions: 1,180
    Posts: 256
    Member, Private Tester
    edited January 2018

    Are you passionate about the game?

    I have been playing Maplestory totalling around 5-6years. I quit around 2008 when Cygnus knight was just released. I had a lv 150ish Dexless Night Lord In Windia at that time and was a Zakum seller runner and one of the main DPS at that time. As i remember i was the best 4 or 5 DPS Dexless Sin at Windia at that time, as i had Dexless Claw with 5 pcs 10% scroll succcess + 2 pcs 60% success. If i remember correctly, i also had 24 attack brown glove. Those equips are over average at that time. Requires a passion to get those ;D. For players who played on around 2008 should have known how hard it was to level up to 150, as we only got 2-3% exp perhour of training. After i came back to play again, i tried to login back to my old account, unfortunately, I couldn't log back in. Not sure why. Though after that i made a new account after.. Came back around 24th December 2016 and then chose Reboot to focus on. At Reboot, I have Demon Avenger lv 223 (Redavengerz), NightWalker lv 221 (RedNightW), Aran lv 202 (RedxAran), Luminious lv 200 (RedzLumi), Kanna level 201 (RedKanz), Jett lv 200 (RedzJett), Cadena lv 200 (RedCadenaz), Dawn Warrior lv 176 (RedDWar), Illium lv 175 (going for lv 200 soon for the event), Mercedes lv 166 (DexElven), Kaiser lv 166 (RedzKaizer) and around 20 more other different classes around lv 120-160. I have my own guild in Reboot. Thanks to people who have supported me so far :). If you want to chat with me at Reboot Server, can just whisper me. If you want to have more passionate interaction with me directly in game, i can invite you to our guild with 1 of your char. You can also meet some of our friends at Reboot Server;D.

    Are you enthused by helping others?

    Helping others is a blessing. As making 100 friends is not enough, and 1 enemy is too much. But I only help people who really need help. As i am a servant of nobody, but i will help people in need. I obviously can't help each and every single person who knock on my door to ask for help as time is limited. But ussually i just see the urgency. If i see that it is important, I ussually try my best.

    What makes you so good?

    I finished my Accounting Bachelor Degree. And right after, finished my Master Degree on Commerce / Logistic Business too, that is if that counts. I am 34 years old this year. On the college, I was the leader on some of the campus activity and also campus camp for new students. Was leaading one of the leadership training too.

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