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Daxterbeer- Mod Application

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edited January 2018 in MapleStory VFM Application
A brief description of why you'd like to become a VFM.

I am a Mapler who plays the game on a daily basis on multiple characters depending on my mood. During these play sessions, I hear complaints and struggles regarding progressing due to poor class, events and boss design. As a player who tasted virtually every character (got them to at least 170), I can detect the strengths and weakness of each class and identify who needs a small tweak.

I also spend an equal amount of time reading the forums regarding player feedback, suggestions and general complaints. As a VFM, I hope to use my experiences as an active player and forum member to give Nexon a better image of what their game looks like from a player's perspective and how we can improve it. I also enjoy helping players whether it is my own buddy list, alliance or some user on the forums.

What do you hope to accomplish as a VFM??

As a VFM, my goal is to make Maplestory a better place, as mentioned above.

Do you have any experience moderating for other communities?

Unless you count the Maple Leaf Council as previous community moderating, I have no previous experience moderating any communities. Working as a VFM in Maplestory would be a start in terms of community work experience for me. I used to work as an assistant for my father's company a few years ago. I previously tried to make a good impression in the Maple forums by consolidating the major suggestions into a new thread. Click here if you wish to view it.

- 18 Years or older.
I was able to vote during the Presidential Election, does that prove to you I am legally an adult?
- Must be active and on the official MapleStory forums & Discord.
I am active on forums as I do read it everyday. I do read Discord everyday, but Discord is a bit fast-paced and I cannot keep up with monitoring the chat in realtime. If I were to make an announcement on Discord, I should have no difficulty
- No history of using exploits or illegitimate programs.
Nope, I haven't done anything wrong from Day 1.
- Moderate and participate on the Maple community forums &Discord.
I should have no problem responding to and policing members on forums and writing up important notices on both platforms, but I will try my very best to catch any trouble makers on DIscords since I am not exactly a speedreader.
- Be courteous and kind towards other forum members.
I do not disrespect anyone on the forums.
- Uphold the Forum Code of Conduct and enforce the rules fairly.
I follow the rules myself and I will make sure other will abide by the rules too.
- Assist planning ideas for creative and fun contests.
I could help design a fun contest aside from the art and fashion contests. Give me some time and I sure a help come up with a fun, unique contest!
- Provide a helping hand on community temperature reports.
As an active player and forum member, I can provide the team with a clear image of what is happening in the game as well as the forums.
- Must be levelheaded when addressing difficult situations.
I do not take sides in arguments nor do I ignore them. I do not tolerate the situation escalating and other members start taking sides and forgetting the focus of the thread.
- Must possess excellent written and communication skills.
I believe my writing skills are excellent.
- Value providing constructive suggestions & feedback
I am open for what other people's suggestions and feedback.
- Must not be a supporter of the Black Mage.
Eeeh? Why would I support them? I want to make Maple better, not witness its destruction.

Must be in REBOOT or have a strong understanding of the server's unique setting

Okay, I confess, I do not main in Reboot, but I am extremely confident in my knowledge on how Reboot operates. Any problems I have combating mobs in regular servers is magnified to account for the increased HP of mobs, inability to scroll and the fact you can't have mule equipment to pre-gear a character. Reboot was suppose to a F2P utopia in terms of progression, but I am aware of things occurring behind the scenes which are actually disturbing. Every time I see an update regarding changes whether it may be from Orangmushroom or the official patch notes written by Aletai, my brain undergoes a series of cause of effects similar to the DirectTV commercials except they are aren't silly and more of a scenario of what players would do in both a Reboot and non-Reboot setting. I also look into changes that KMS developers implement in search of a pattern of what they are trying to accomplish. Even though I am not Reboot player (I dropped out at level 45 due to mobs and INSANE traffic) I can help the team come up with ideas to how to improve Reboot even if it isn't my primary server.

I know I truly want to help Nexon better their game with my time dedicated in the game, but I am prepared for any complaints from anyone who thinks I am unqualified to be a VFM. I know I am already daring for applying and believing I know enough about Reboot and how to improve it, anyone who thinks they understand more is free to oppose me or run along side in this race. If someone else gets selected, I applaud them and wish them best of luck.

IGN- Daxterbeer
World- Arcania (GRAZED)
Discord- (Brian Chau) Daxterbeer#0473


  • PhantomMasterThiefPhantomMasterThief
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    edited January 2018
    Good luck, i hope that whoever get's chosen to be our new VFM, would help make better changes and communicate our requests and concerns towards Nexon America.

  • shad0wn1teshad0wn1te
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    edited January 2018
    Sounds like you'd make a great VFM! You got my vote, good luck.
  • ArlongArlong
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    edited January 2018
    oh I thought you already were a mod. I remember you were something
  • PetalmagicPetalmagic
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    edited January 2018
    Sounds good to me. good luck Dax.
  • DoKingDoKing
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    edited January 2018
    Best of luck Dax. While it is true you aren't a Reboot main, I still believe you have desirable qualities from both a community and Nexon perspective.
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