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Issue with Transposed Sealed Sweetwater Item

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edited January 2018 in Announcements
Hello, Maplers!

We reported last week that there was an issue when transposing a item to a sealed Sweetwater item. To clarify, a seal prevents an item from being traded, sold, or altered for a set period of time. Once the seal expires, the item can be sold, traded, and altered. The issue came when transposing an item into a sealed Sweetwater equipment. This would cause the entirety of the item to become temporary and disappear once the duration of the seal was up. To prevent this from happening in the future, it will be no longer possible to place a sealed Sweetwater into the Transposition UI.

We will be applying the change stated above in tomorrow's maintenance.
For the Maplers who lost their item due to this issue, please submit a ticket for our support team to assist in recovering your item affected by this issue.

Thank you,

- MapleStory Team