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Cannot proceed to Wondroid event episode 2

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edited January 2018 in Bug Reporting
It seems that the quest for Episode 2 isn't appearing to those who finished the event last year. Please fix this issue.


  • NeospectorNeospector
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    The quest is located inside a hidden portal when you enter Investigation mode. In the second forest map, locate the hidden portal in the center, where you'll find the broken Adam and Eve androids.
  • AnythingAnything
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    While I was doing Eve's memory, I had to play Adam in the JQ and escort Eve through the JQ. At floor F1 where you have to break those barriers. I was trying to lure out the guards but they never showed up untill you activated the sequence to press the displayed buttons. The first barrier gives you like 2 sequences but the further you progress, the more sequences you get and the guards shows up and drains your HP very quickly and you can't do anything. I made it though with few HP (few hits) left in the end with the guards chasing me. I know I didn't have enough HP to beat them but I was at the end anyway.

    I got my Eve Wondroid. I will do Adam tomorrow and farm coins for Adam and the new chair.

    To unlock Eve Wondroid: read her memories and finish the JQ from her memory.
    To unlock Adam Wondroid: read his memories and finish the JQ from his memory.
    To unlock the new chair: Finish both Eve and Adam's memories.

    You will have to do the JQ for Eve Wondroid (through their memory), this should be the same for Adam.

    The hidden portal is located in the 3rd map in the Investigation Mode.