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Every Equip Inventory Slot Beyond 99 is Broken

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edited February 2018 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Inventory

Brief bug summary: Every equipment inventory slot beyond 99 won't let you trade any Surprise Style Box item with Ari.

More details: Since there's no detected item, Ari will say the item has less than 100 days duration on it, despite being in Reboot, or a permanent item, and will not let you trade the item. And will sometimes say nothing at all if you keep trying. He will also rarely mention that you're trying to trade him an Eye of Fire, even if you don't have one. Trying to trade a real Eye of Fire with him will not work, however.

Steps to reproduce: Put a Surprise Style Box item in an equipment tab slot that is from 100 - 128 and NPC Ari won't detect them as existing items available to trade, and therefor won't take it or give you a stamp. However, every inventory slot from 1 - 99 works just fine.

Character name: Sakuramist

Character level: 224

Character job: Demon Avenger

World name: Reboot

Date and time of the incident: It's been happening since July 2016 (and possibly even beyond that)

I'm not sure if it's just my character, or if it affects all characters, but my character has a maxed Equip inventory and I tend to hoard items I like in it, it's almost entirely full.
Anyway, apparently whenever I try to trade Surprise Style items with the NPC Ari and the item is in any slot that is 100 or higher, it will not detect it as an existing item, it'll come up as blank and for some reason occasionally an Eye of Fire.


I've had this issue for a long long time, and even sent in several tickets to support, and couldn't trade in Surprise Style Box items for tickets. Nobody knew what was wrong until I decided to experiment. It's still broken, I have to keep my Equipment tab upside down in terms of order now because of this glitch, so that I won't have to ruin the order of everything when I wanna trade stuff in for tickets.

The Naughty Boy T-Shirt in this screenshot indicates the 99th slot, and I was able to trade it just fine.


I also had a bunch of NX items to try to trade from the slots I said that were broken, and this is what happened whenever I tried to trade any of them in.