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Open Idea: Idea for Auction house.

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something hit my mind when woke up, and i remembered how fun it was to get some kool interesting items from the old MTS back then, and when they closed that down, we had free market. well now free market is soon no more. so in order to unite all the servers and including reboot somehow, is to have Auction House allowing all players sell and buy stuff so its equal coin going and coming, but what do you all think?? your thoughts are important too.
  1. Should the Auction House be used so all servers to show all trade and stuff?3 votes
    1. have the Auction be used to have all worlds together in it for trade? (mesos only?)
       0% (0 votes)
    2. or have the Auction House as it now? just per server???/
       100% (3 votes)


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    You know that the economy differs from world to world, right? What you're asking is impossible to achieve.