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Avatar Stamp Trader not working

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in Bug Reporting
Bug type: NPC funtionality

Brief bug summary: When attempting to trade in cash shop items received from Premium Style Boxes, the exchange for an Avatar Stamp does not happen.

More details: The NPC displays the correct dialogue when attempting to choose cash shop items to exchange for an Avatar Stamp. When finalizing the decision and selecting "Yes", no transaction occurs. The item is still present in my inventory. I've tried using "older" cash shop items received from the Premium Style Box and the results are the same.

Steps to reproduce: Enter Free Market ==> Talk to Ari ==> Select your desired item to exchange for 1 Avatar Stamp ==> Click Yes ==> No exchange is made

Character name: Tummy

Character level: 234

Character job: Night Lord

World name: Reboot

Date and time of the incident: 10:24PM EST March 1st, 2018

Also, a little off topic but how often do the items in the Avatar Stamp Shop change? Thanks


  • AKradianAKradian
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    edited March 2018
    Try moving to items you wish to exchange to the beginning of your inventory, and see if that helps.
  • SlatymateSlatymate
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    edited March 2018
    I can confirm it doesn't work and we have two different bugs with the Avatar Stamp Trader NPC. We will report this issue.
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    This is still not fixed as of today after maintenance.