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BaM skills toggling off

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edited March 2018 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Skills Toggling off (Jr. Reaper new UI, Dark Shock, Any Aura)

Brief bug summary: Evening, i would like to address the fact that after the newest patch Battle Mage's Jr. reaper ability changed so that it doesn't show a skill icon but it's own UI that can be toggled ON/OFF. however i find this new UI togglin OFF very often, without pressing the key, it mostly happens when passing upon certain maps or watching animations , it is important to note that some maps used to toggle off Auras, Reaper and Dark shock before this patch, BUT it wasn't as often as in this patch.
I believe it is time to address this bug, because these are CORE skills for BaM.

Character level: The affected skills run from 1st job to 5th job
Character job: Battle Mage

World name: Luna

Date and time of the incident: mostly anytime

Thanks for reading :)