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Making your own Arcane River Area

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I had the most random of thoughts (warning this contains minor spoilers to the Arcane River Storyline) on my way home. You know how Morass was affected by memories of the player and (NPC name was removed because spoilers)? What if there was a place in the Arcane River that became sorta a reflection of you (personality or other interests wise)? What would it look like? Who or what are the monsters? Who's the big bad boss at the end? Well...here's a forum thread to think about that.

My "reflection world" would be the Valley of Three Seasons, mainly because I love the snow, I love plants, and I love the bugs in the autumn (and I love biology in general). There would be three main areas, Springtown (best name ever, I know, but this is where the main NPCs would be at), Autumn Forest, and Winter Falls. (Sorry, but Petal hates the summer.) The first monsters you would meet would be...strangely enough...Flowers. The Hopping Daisies and Thorny Roses. (since most mobs in Arcane river have two variants) along with Bumblers and Buzzlers. (Bee monsters). In Autumn Forest you would find Ginkgo Leaves and Maple Leaves, along with Winter foxes and Autumn Foxes. Finally, in Winter Falls, you would find Frozen Erdas (why, cuz I can.) and Frozen Warriors/Melting Warriors, along with Snowflakes/Snowcrystals (seriously, we need snowflake monsters). The Final boss would end up being...well me. Why? Cuz why not?
-storyline is still in progress of writing but will add later on-

So what would your Area look like? :O