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Got banned, need vouches - Dupsy

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If you guys know me, my ign is Dupsy, in Bera.
few months ago I got banned for using "terminal" hacks. Nexon say its permanent and they say that their decision is final and cannot be changed, I belive it can be changed.
If anyone who knows me and can vouch for me that im not a hacker, please do it..
Thanks and have a good day :)


  • rizariza
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    I don't know you kid but i know a few people who got hacked off of their hack shields. Too be more specific There hack shields run when your in maple and not and can auto ban you even if you not hacking in maple. I heard one story of one person hacking another game and the shields went off and ban his character very known guy as well but nexon said it cant be undone. I can also note their hack shields go off when hacks aren't in place you can be ban for just afking. I am only stating what i know and seen from what people wrote and presented. But i wish you best of luck as maybe there might be someone left who can help you out. Nexon lost a lot of players due to this and will lose more with a community who don't care.
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