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Weekly Bosses

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Hi to all Maplers and Nexon, I would like to suggest revamping the limit on weekly bosses; Ex.(Lotus, Damien, Lucid, Chaos Root Abyss, Hard Magnus. I love killing these bosses, they make the game challenging and motivate me to keep playing so I can get stronger to kill them. Sadly we can only kill them once a week and its very frustrating, I love to kill all the other bosses that are daily, but I enjoy killing weeklies way more than dailies. I love taking my buddies or guildies on weekly boss runs but i can only take a few and wait till next week.

I would like to suggest that once we kill weekly boss and obtain drops we should be allowed kill them once every day, we would have a penalty were we can't obtain any drops and just go in to kill for pure fun and nothing else.


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    If we don't get get drops, we should be able to obtain experience though. Being able to stomp Cygnus daily for her EXP sounds like a cool idea.