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This is why I love moderators in here!

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This happened a while ago on GameFaqs. As you can see, the moderators are incompetent beyond belief. Bossy, lacking respect, and biased. What's worst is that if I am correct, they are the website's staff. Which means they probably got a "formation" and are actually getting paid.

What is frightening is that they are so stupid, they are killing the site by bashing the wrong crowd (thus, "killing" their own job). User activity dwindled a lot due to multiple factors. The moderation issue being one of the biggest culprit besides YouTube.

There are MANY "toxic" threads that can go up to 500 posts easily ("To 500!" became a famous meme on GameFaqs) before being deleted (perhaps it is used as a bait to see offending users and take them all out in one fell swoop), unlike here where things are taken care of quickly, and in respect of the user, EVEN when in the wrong.

Volunteer moderators here that are just your "average" citizen (they didn't get any instructions or formation) are OVER qualified for this mess of a site that GameFaqs has become... What a shame this site is, and it used to be like in here. That's what's unbelievable.

They thought they were dealing with a "I hope u get cancer lul!" individual, then, when they noticed I flipped to my "Serious English" mode, and gave them a well written can of verbal whoopdonkey, they squirmed in their miserable pants, ashamed of their previous attitude toward a user that actually was respectful to them since the beginning!

I got moderated a lot on Maple's forum, and NOT ONCE has anyone lacked respect (volunteer or official). I hope you never change, o wonderful mods of Maple (actually, Nexon in general is pretty relax from what I've heard)!

I got moderated a 4th time after this, and THIS TIME they were respectful (and I was in the "wrong" by posting a gif of Trunks from DBZ slapping his behind). Perhaps my long essay on respect and their incompetence of yore made them do a 360 on their moderation culture. Of course, it seems the administrators are always respectful, even when they do not overturn the moderation, so there is hope, even if ridiculously tiny.
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