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Cash shop set effects not showing up

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edited April 2018 in Bug Reporting
Bug type:
Cash shop visuals

Brief bug summary:
Cash shop set effects are not showing and can not be enabled or disabled

More details:
Two of my cash shop sets are not working "Cygnus set has no bird and hover" "Rhinnie Luster" not allowing the player to hover with an hourglass effect

(anything not included in the other sections of your report)
Some items still have set on and off effects such as the Otherworldy Cyugns totem can be enabled or disabled and on and off effects still work like the "Return of Angel effect"

Steps to reproduce:
Equip set gear to see if they work or not.

Video of the events not happening

Character name: Princess1una

Character level: 235

Character job: Angelic Buster

World name: Khaini

Date and time of the incident: 4-3-18 11:25PM EST