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Guide to Bonus Stats

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Bonus Stats are extra stats that are randomly generated on some items. Bonus Stats are added or modified on an equipment piece by using a Rebirth Flame. If you use another Rebirth Flame on the item, the Bonus Stats will be replaced with a different set of Bonus Stats. Several different stat types can appear as Bonus Stats:
  • STR
  • DEX
  • INT
  • LUK
  • MaxHP
  • MaxMP
  • Reduce level requirement
  • Weapon DEF
  • Magic DEF
  • Weapon ATT
  • Magic ATT
  • Speed
  • Jump
  • Boss Damage %
  • Ignore DEF %
  • Damage %
  • All Stats %

One to four Bonus Stats are imbued on an item. Some equipment rewards from bosses will always have four Bonus Stats.

Bonus Stats are divided into seven ranks from lowest to highest. The stat value differs according to the equip level of the item.

Here is a list of equipment that can have Bonus Stats. Higher equipment levels will gain higher Bonus Stats within the same rank:
  • Hat
  • Face Accessory
  • Eye Accessory
  • Earrings
  • Top
  • Outfit
  • Bottom
  • Shoes
  • Gloves
  • Cape
  • Pendant
  • Belt
  • Pocket Items
  • Primary Weapons
Please note that the following items cannot receive Bonus Stats. There may be certain exceptions to this rule such as the Scarlet Shoulders, which are able to receive Bonus Stats.
  • Rings
  • Android Hearts
  • Badges
  • Emblems
  • Medals
  • Shoulders
  • Shields
  • Secondary Weapons/Katara items

When you mouse over an item to view its tooltip, Bonus Stats are listed in green.

Rebirth Flames can be used on equipment items in order to give them Bonus Stats. You can use a Rebirth Flame multiple times on the same equip item. There are several types of flames for different level ranges.
  • Rebirth Flames work between Lv. 100 and Lv. 150 to grant Bonus Stats to an equip item.
  • Powerful Rebirth Flames have an increased chance to grant higher ranked Bonus Stats to an equip item.
  • Eternal Rebirth Flames have an increased chance to grant even higher ranked Bonus Stats to an equip item.
  • Unrelenting Flames are used to craft Powerful Rebirth Flames.
  • Forever Unrelenting Flames are used to craft Eternal Rebirth Flames.
You can receive Rebirth Flames from several places such as:
  • Alicia’s Ring Box
  • Monster Collection Exploration Boxes
  • Surprise Mission reward
  • Monster drops
  • Boss drops
    • Non-reboot world bosses will drop Rebirth Flames Lv XXX.
    • Reboot world bosses will drop Powerful and Eternal Rebirth Flames.
  • Elite Boss reward
  • Monster Park reward
  • Craft them through Professions (in non-Reboot worlds only)
  • Purchase from NPC shops (Aisha’s Shop, some Reboot general stores, and Legion Coin Shop)
  • Purchase from Auction House

Crafting Information
  • To make Powerful Rebirth Flames you need to be a master in Accessory Crafting and for Eternal Rebirth flames you need to be a Meister in the Accessory Crafting Branch for professions.
  • Ingredients for Powerful Rebirth Flames are 30 Mana Crystals, 30 Fine Spell Essences, 5 Rebirth Fragments, 5 Unrelenting Flames.
    • Mana Crystals can be found in drops or extracted from scrolls.
    • Fine Spell Essences can be extracted from scrolls or obtained from monsters.
    • Rebirth Fragments can be extracted from Rebirth Flames other than Powerful and Eternal Rebirth Flames.
    • Unrelenting Flame drops occasionally from mining herbs.
  • Ingredients for Eternal Rebirth Flames are 40 Mana Crystals, 20 Grand Spell Essences, 10 Rebirth Fragments, 5 Unrelenting Flames.
    • Forever Unrelenting Flame drops occasionally from mining Legendary herbs.

Using a Rebirth Flame will not change the tradeability of the item or add a Scissors restriction.

Items locked with an Item Guard cannot have a flame used on them.

Bonus Stats can be transferred through Transposition.

All items that previously had Nebulites applied will have the Nebulites removed. These items will be able to use any flame.
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