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Transpose system incorrect preview

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edited June 2018 in Bug Reporting
As is discussed by many other players, transposing an item into sweetwater should have the flame/bonus stats remain the same as before transposing. However, the preview of the transposed item as of now has the level of the flame/bonus stats increased, but the amount of the increase is deducted from the scroll & star enhancements stats. This is urgent to be fixed because after the flame system gets fixed on non-KMS items, players may be flaming their transposed sweetwater items to get better flame/bonus stats, but the deduction of the stats on the scroll & star enhancements are permanent and it is just unfair to take away these stats since players are spending a lot of their efforts, time and money on them. Here are the pictures of the original item that I wanted to transpose and the preview of the transposed item.


Transposed preview:

I don't know if this is just a displaying error, but I would rather wait until the problem gets fixed before I try to transpose. Also if anyone has successfully transposed an item after this big messy update, please leave a comment on if you have any issue with your items.