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So many problems, no fixes what-so-ever !

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I'm tired and sick of nexon not fixing bonus stats and flames on non-kms equips, i'm tired of nexon not fixing the server lag on bera, not removing the botters and hackers, making nodestones dropped from mobs transferable through account and not fully tradeable, i'm tired that we can't freely trade nx items in the auction house like KMS can, i'm tired of having to spend either a TON of meso , or real world currency for ultra end-game items, i'm tired that Nexon america stopped loving this dear and beautiful game.

LOOK at nexon korea, they also had a massive population due to tera burning (while gms has an influx of more botters/dupers/hackers you name it.....) so the servers started lagging or more like being unstable, so what did they do ?

A. abandon ship
B. nothing
C. make a new server and restrict character creation to alleviate the lag (on the big 3 servers) and giving excellent compensation while they're at it and caring for the players and state of the game

the correct answer is : .... C !

Personally i'm tired of nexon america, they might try to do one thing (but fail at another 70 at the same time) they can't even fix bugs that have persisted for over 3 Years! (Cough Carte rose finale has been bugged on phantoms for more the 3 years now Cough,) why do we have to wait for nexon to fix the server lag only for it to come back a few months later, or for bug fixes (that should be fixed wayyyyy earlier)

personally i'm gonna be taking a break and possibly looking for another maplestory service, cause in a simple word; i'm tired of nexon america's bullshit

PS. as this is the "Rants and Raves section' there you go i raved and ranted, so don't go telling me you can't say X thing or X that this is what this section is meant for.

PPS. iv'e seen spadow mention on twitter that "The global MapleStory developer team was increased and now contains 70 people"
i guess that was only for PR. (because i started to get my hopes up, a truly grave mistake)


  • LilyflowerLilyflower
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    I feel your pain phantom... I know it's terrible that all these years we might get something good for the game but nope.
  • ManiOhManiOh
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    yea =(
    and while we follow KMS at least keep all the way, if things there work and are popular why dont we try same ?
    why GMS has has to allways "invent" things that many strongly disagree
    things that dont show great resultats to game in long term like marvel/philo (BoD,frenzy,firestarter,lucid ear and much more)
    you can see people dont want p2w why keep add more each time ?
    or keep that but
    put those items to bosss/pq/quests so most dedicated and loyal players can enjoy aswell and support with paying for cosmetic

    also do something about hackers its long time requested thing
    yes we can and we do tolerate for long time but its geting worse

    so many quit with good reason, how low player base number should go to notice the issue =(
    how nexon plans to maintain eu reboot long term while there are lots issue with luna and other ?
    are they going to ignore what we allready have ? flip new page rest is history ?

    there is more but it will get censored/removed
    just hope nexon america take some notes from korea and how they mange work that good
  • KushyDragonKushyDragon
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    Lmfao bruh, welcome to maplestory. It's been this way since Wizet was removed and Nexon America was added in as the "development team".

    Took them how many years to half-ass fix the pet loot lag?

    Let alone there's still lag when you open up your smithing profession, and as well when you enter legion.

    And on top of that, the legion bug can still happen at times: Where the bar won't go away, or it crashes and you have to manually restart the game.

    Nexon cares about your money, now more than ever.

    If they cared about the playerbase, you'd think 99% of the coding issues would be fixed.

    I even suggested to bring in the korean dev team to fix some of the issues. But Arwoo's like: We don't need to do that.

    Obviously you do if the game still runs like s***.

    Just stating the obvious.

    Also it's pretty pathetic that I had to pay 2000$ for a new PC, and MapleStory still doesn't run good on it.

    Fix your damn game.


    A 15 year GMS veteran.
  • HuskyDMHuskyDM
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    I think that Maplestory is made out of a community that is incredibly stubborn because somehow we keep on going even with all the issues the game has.
    Nexon America really could learn from their Korean overlords on how to successfully run an mmo. I do have my issues and I would like to list them.

    Bots: They are obvious and nothing is done to get rid of them. I know the tired argument of bots being like cockroaches, squash one and 20 more take its place. But it seems as if nothing is done to fix the issue. Put stronger checks on your game, have a GM hunting down bots every now and then, put a cease and desist on sites that offer hacks, but don't let it grow.

    The servers: We need a merge, alliance or something to repair the server population. I have no idea why we have the number of worlds we have. It would be better to have less worlds with more channels like KMS did.

    Outside KMS is not touched: Why bring content from other sources if you are not going to touch it? Jett is broken, Beast Tamer is broken, Kanna is broken but nothing is done to either rework those classes despite having a team that can do so. In fact all the team seems to do is copy and paste all the code that KMS produces, bugs included. All updates are char by char the same with the only difference being a translation. You have more than just KMS jobs, would it hurt to update all classes? There have to be stuff that you can do that is different from KMS.

    No doubt that this issues and the money sink that regular servers get to be are the reason behind the popularity of the Reboot server and the unending bleeding of the community. I could write more but the idea is simple. If this issues aren't fixed then Maplestory might stop existing on this side of the world.
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    personally i'm gonna be taking a break and possibly looking for another maplestory service, cause in a simple word; i'm tired of nexon america's bullshit

    Just saying this is Against ToS Private Server's are not owned by Nexon America or Wizet, this will result in a ban. Just letting you know.
    Agree with the rest of the post except this.
  • ShokunKaYoShokunKaYo
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    I'm sorry. Are you actually asking MS dev team to work???? You must be new.
  • MiraMira
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    The problem is that whales continue to funnel money into the game, regardless of the fact that Nexon has been proven to be wildly incompetent. So from their perspective, why bother actually making changes if the money flow is still coming in ? The only way to actually exact change upon Nexon is to stop their money flow. Unfortunately, whales are too concerned with wasting their money to make their pixels have bigger pixel numbers for some god forsaken reason, than to actually hold the company accountable for where their money is going.

  • xxHorntailxxxxHorntailxx
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    running on solid internet, internet browsing is fine but not maple... f3