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Maple Radio

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Hey guys, just some CBT2 guy here. When I first logged into Maplestory 2 I felt like a kid playing Maplestory again, that feeling of excitement and wonder just filled me. And in those early days I discovered Maple-Radio. Nowadays Maple Radio seems dead, but I'd love to change that, I'd help personally fund and DJ the new and improved radio station, but there's a catch... I have no clue on how to create one. So I'm looking for a group of people with some knowledge on how to create an internet radio station. I've done some googling, but what I come across is high-end radio stations. I'm just looking for a radio station where different DJ's can just get on air from their own PC in their own homes and just jam to music, do shoutouts, giveaways, all that good stuff. Get that good maple vibe again.

Basically looking to make an all-in-one radio / website. If anything though I'd be cool with just a radio station. I'd also personally contribute my time for DJing, and do either weekly or bi-weekly $10 nx / merit giveaways. Would support both Maplestory and Maplestory 2.

Thanks for your time fellow Maplers :D


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    I wish I could help; I think it is a good idea and I wish you the best of luck in your efforts.