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Summer Video Showing Event

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Hello All,

For those of you who did subscribe to the ST Clan channel on YouTube or even just took the time to view the content, I thank you. I also understand that I am incredibly behind on posting videos and I have a massive collection of pre-made videos that have yet to even show up. With that in mind, I am considering showing at least one video each day at 8:00 PM From July 21, 2018 to August 20, 2018. Please let me know if you want me to fast forward Journey from Lvl 205 ... in Pensalir to where I am at least Lvl 206 (my current Lvl).

Also, in the last 2 videos (with the exception of a short video forced by lag), I have gotten 10% in Lvling progress as Lvl 206 and am moving much faster through Lvl 206. In another 4-6 sessions (not necessarily videos due to lag) I will be Lvl 207. My goal is to move much faster through the series.

I how you benefit/enjoy the content, regardless.


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    3. FINALLY! He is speeding up the process. (A slightly more intense yes.)
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