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Andersen’s Box

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Price (1): 300 NX

Price (11): 3,000 NX

Andersen’s Box is a special item that will give you one random in-game item when you open it! When you enter the Cash Shop, you can find it in the Random Rewards > Special Items section. Each Andersen’s Box can only be used once. Although Andersen’s Box will only give one reward per use, please make sure you have at least the following amount of slots open in your inventory for the item to work correctly: 1 Equip, 1 Use, 1 Etc, 1 Set-Up.

Possible rewards include:

  • Lv. 120 Von Leon set equips (weapon and armor sets)
  • Lv. 120 Timeless set equips (weapon and armor sets)
  • Lv. 120 Necro Grim Seeker
  • Lv. 120 Reverse set equips (weapon and armor sets)
  • Lv. 107 Last Unwelcome Guest weapons
  • Elemental Staff weapons (1, 2, 3, or 4)
  • Lv. 105 Revolution set equips (weapon and armor sets)
  • Lv. 100 Pinnacle set equips
  • Lv. 70 Blitz Helm, Arcana Crown, or Power Mane
  • Pyogo Mushroom
  • Mesoranger Helmets and Suits
  • Fantastical Androids
  • Android Hearts: Iron and Adamantium
  • 10-slot Chair Bag and 10-slot Title Holder
  • Chairs
  • Mounts (90-day)
  • Mastery Book 20
  • Equip Scrolls 10% (LUK, Magic Attack, Weapon Attack, Attack, Defense, DEX, Avoidability, INT, STR)
  • Equip Scrolls 100% (LUK, STR, DEX, INT, Magic Attack)

Here’s how it works:

1. Purchase Andersen’s Box and double-click it in your Cash inventory to move it to your item inventory.


2. Exit the Cash Shop.

3. Double-click Andersen's Box in your inventory to open it, and receive one random item!

Here are some of the chairs and mounts that are possible rewards:


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