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All Auto Attack Keybind Skills Should be Keydown

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What do you mean?: When I say auto attack binded skills I mean skills such as Demon Slayer's Demon Lash skill and it's upgrades should be turned into a keydown skill much like how Aran's smash swing and it's upgrades are now.

Why?: Well why not, it's just an annoyance more than a feature to have to constantly press the exact same key over to use a spam-able skill. Heck even the ones that let you hold down for a minute before needing to re-press the key (like Luminous' spectral light skill) are better than needing to repeatedly hit the key. Yes some of these classes do eventually preform the whole skill, but if you don't keep pressing it it happens much slower. Why when Aran was given their revamp were not all skills like this made to function the same way?

I understand since KMS didn't make Beast Tamer they may not get this change, but the other classes like Demon Slayer and Kaiser (and I'm sure other classes as well) should get this change made.