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[Maple Hashtag] Chair cannot fit contents

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edited October 2018 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Text/Clipping Issue

Brief bug summary: The custom portion of the Hashtag Chair cannot fit all possible text, due to the fact that English phrases take up more characters and width than Korean text. As seen in the below image, the emoticons are outside the visible space, with only the tops of them visible. Using 7 hashtags would likely have text off-screen - even with shorter hashtags. My personal suggestion would be to make the region scroll in some way.

More details: As the ability to compose this chair is event-limited, expediency is required. Developers should be accountable to assure the event content they advertise works properly within the given period, or otherwise extend the interact-able portion of the event to compensate for late addressing.

Judging from how some hashtags in the phone dialogue differ from how they display in the chair itself, it appears the developers hoped to circumvent a technical solution by truncating some hashtag text, disregarding that most sums of comments could still easily overflow the visible area.

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Give yourself 700 Hashtag points to reach Level 3 in the Maple Hashtag event.
  2. Add various Hashtag comments to the chair (up to 5 at Level 3) and observe the chair (for example, the same arrangement as my screenshot).
  3. Notice that the latter portion of the comments gets clipped off the bottom of the chair.

Character name: MegaScience
Character level: 236
Character job: Shadower
World name: Windia
Date and time of the incident: 10/30/2018 6:00 PM EDT