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Botting Hot Spots

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Here you go, Wizet. I've put together a list of areas that bots appear in to make it easier to narrow down the places to look.

Jett: script advertising in Henesys Channel 1
Kanna: meso botting in monster maps

Ellinia (Evil/Curse Eyes) - Rarely Seen
Gold Beach - Rarely Seen
Perion (Wild Boars) - Rarely Seen
Sleepywood - Rarely Seen
Dead Mine (Yetis) - Rarely Seen
Ludibrium - Rarely Seen
Ludibrium Theme Park - Rarely Seen
Ariant - Rarely Seen
Magatia - Rarely Seen
Malaysia - Commonly Seen
Herb Town - Commonly Seen
Mulung - Commonly Seen
New Leaf City - Rarely Seen
Phantom Forest (map with taxi) - Rarely Seen