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Not receiving all V Skill nodes?

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edited December 2018 in Bug Reporting
So I have a few characters that have 5th job, but it was back when you only received the first skill (Pre-Override). I thought with this patch they gave us the remaining two via the [Black Mage] A New Power quest, right? Well tested on three characters, and they only received the most recent V skill and not their other skills that may be missing. Example of my Luminous and Aether Conduit, a skill I did not receive for doing my Luminous' 5th job during the original V update.

Excerpt from Patch notes:
It has been changed to give out all of the job-exclusive Skill Nodes, including these new 5th Job Skill Nodes, when advancing to the 5th Job.
Existing 5th Job characters can obtain the new 5th Job Skill Nodes by completing the ‘[Black Mage] A New Power’ quest.

I do believe this is a bug for those of us who have yet to receive our Override update skills.

IGN: Luminumbra, Intermentis, Vindictira
Class: Luminous, Kinesis, Demon Avenger
World: Reboot
Time: 1:30 PM PST


  • DaxterbeerDaxterbeer
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    You have to walk manually to get items. It is marked with a light bulb when when you open the Temple of Time map.
  • DhrGRDhrGR
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    After some looking around at my characters, I've concluded that characters that job advanced AFTER the first Black Mage update, did not recieve the quest for their 3rd 5th job skill.

    All my characters that job advanced before the first update are all fine (aside from missing the 2nd 5th job skill) but any character that did the 5th job advancement from then till this patch are all without their new 5th job skill now...

    Hopefully this can be fixed in a quick maintenence sooner rather then later