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Hot Times

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Hot Times are rare (and fun!) events where you must simply be logged in during a specific time frame to receive a reward! To have the best experience during a Hot Time, we suggest the following guidelines.

In order to participate, you must:

  • Be logged in to a character that is Lv. 33 or above to receive the gift box. To open the box, your character needs to be Lv. 33 or above.

  • Have one space in each of your USE and EQUIP inventories to receive your prize.

  • Be in the main map of a town or hunting map that is regularly accessible.

  • Make sure your character is alive.

  • Have space in your inventory to open the box and receive the rewards inside.

  • Please note that after receiving the box you will have to wait 30 minutes before you can open it, at 3:00 PM Pacific (6:00 PM Eastern).
Please do not engage in any activity in the moments before, during, and after Hot Time. Simply relax in a town!
  • Do not change channels.

  • Do not engage in any quests.

  • Do not enter the Cash Shop.

  • Do not talk to any NPCs or use Gachapon.

  • Do not use your inventory or storage.

  • Do not manage your wedding wish list or be in the midst of a wedding.

  • Do not enter a mini-dungeon.

  • Do not use a ship or other timed method of transit between locations.

  • Do not go into in Monster Life.

  • Do not be in a cutscene.

  • Do not perform skills or engage monsters.

  • Do not trade with another player, have a mini-game open, or be engaged in a Free Market shop.

  • Do not enter special areas that may have different functionality than other areas, such as jump quests, boss maps, Azwan, the Evolution System, Dimensional Invasion, Boss Arena, Cross World PQ, or Star Planet.
It is also strongly recommend that you spread out to prevent the chances of slowing down your connection. Some recommended ways of doing this:
  • Log in well before 2:30 PM.

  • Be in a town that isn't heavily frequented by other Maplers.

  • Be in a channel that is less populated than others.

  • Avoid being clustered in large groups.

  • Avoid performing graphically intensive skills. Remaining still is best.

  • Avoid Maplers or monsters that might be performing graphically intensive skills.
If you're logged in during Hot Time, make sure to accept the Hot Time quest from the event quest notifier. You have until midnight (12:00 AM Pacific / 3:00 AM Eastern) to open the gift box.

Please be aware that although the servers are set to Pacific time, there can sometimes be variations in the exact server time between worlds. It is strongly recommended that you log in well before the event is scheduled and remain logged in even if you do not receive the quest at exactly 2:30 PM Pacific.

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