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Can Beast Tamers please please please be fixed

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Kinda sad to see the Beast Tamer getting the **** end of the stick just cuz the class isn´t all that popular. I took a 3 year break from Maple and just recently came back only to find out every hair pulling beast tamer glitch that existed before still remain untouched. I´m not asking to completely revamp the class or even buff it (although that would be nice) but just to fix the more glaring issues. The most notable one´s are the infamous meow card glitch, there´s a 30% chance to get the gold card, an even chance to get the others and about a 1% chance to get the glitch card which forces you to relog. Entering gollux with your last key, popping a buff coupon or whatever then being forced to relog is a pretty big slap in the face, I´m even paranoid to use the skill out of fear that it´s gonna screw me over. Then there´s an issue with fishy slap which causes it to do no damage for a while (https://gfycat.com/DownrightUnawareDevilfish) which happens WAY to often as well as billowing trumpet refusing to work the odd time. Also remember there was a glitch with bear reborn before my hiatus which also forced a relog but haven´t experienced it since so maybe that´s fixed already. Lmk if I missed anything