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Video Message event

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talking about the Video Message event (one of the Lunar New Year's).
On (if I remember correctly) day 4, the daily quest was from Evan (activate 5 runes I think). The NPC was, first of all, supposed to directly take you to the final NPC for completion (to Utah's farm), but it didn't. It should have at least warned players that the quest was not complete, as in having a quest to complete at a secondary location (Utah's farm), however that went missing too, players actually had to find out that there was still a quest to complete and they had to go to the farm themselves. Two mistakes that combined ended up in having many people miss out on a day.
The first part of this issue is also shared with the last 2 days' quests I believe (Edelstein and Kaptafel).
The event has very strict times, 14 days' time for 14 times completion for the final reward.
I would like to request:
- either a one-day additional clear to the total clear count,
- or an event extension by at least one day.