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Cash Shop Update Notice

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I don't know about others but personally, I think it would be nice to have a weeks worth of heads up for things like Philo or Marvel. That way if I did choose to spend, I know that I can just save some for the following week instead of being like "oh thats today" and deciding whether or not I should put some money aside for it. I am in a position to afford stuff like this but I also like to eat out a lot so like a trade off.

TLDR; Can we get more time to prep for Marvel or Philo instead of getting notice the day they return. (Pretty sure they alert us early for Marvel a decent amount)


  • FuhreakFuhreak
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    This doesn't affect reboot but this is still something I support. Nexon really needs to be letting us in on future things more often.
  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    They do the same crap with miracle time. Marvel seems to be the only thing they give advance notice for.

    If y'all wanna pump marvel-tier levels of money out of philo and miracle time, announce the damn things a week ahead of time, don't just throw it in at the bottom of a cash shop update post like "SURPRISE, IT'S BACK".