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Ice / lightning, level 212. I never boss, should I

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My equips are described in http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/23875/my-ice-lighting-end-game-weapon?new=1

Damage 984k to 1,038k , damage bonus 106% boss damage 67%, final damage 20%, ignore def 66%, electrical rate 42%, critical damage 13%, DEF 7.237, speed 140%. I also have 12 good link skills, all at level 2.

I always solo, never PQ. I don't boss.

Question: should I boss, solo? If so, why and which bosses? I reckon my equips are good. I would like to max level before they raise it again; would the EXP be better than grinding for the same length of time, or should I just keep on grinding?