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hey guys a new player trying to seek help.

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in Account Billing Support
Hi, I have been playing maplestory on scania for less than a week. I have chosen a wonderful class called kinesis, and was off to a very good start. I have made my way towards orbis, and was determined to continue my way on. On my way, I could not but to notice Macro farming players using third party programs. I used to play MAplestory Korea, so I was very familiar with these issues. Due to the reason them disturbing farming to other players I reported them ingame. However, today I found out I got banned. I have spoke to gms, filed in a ticket, asked for the reason of banning. I have been emailing them for the entire day. Only responses are ; they are unable to provide the reason why I was banned. If any of you can help me out it would be hugely appreciated. thanks!


  • NeospectorNeospector
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    Was your ban message an in-game dialog popup from the Maple Admin NPC?

    Was your ban message displayed in the launcher and directed you to email https://billingpp.zendesk.com?

    Or was your ban message displayed as a blue dialog box on the world select screen detailing the general reason for your ban?

    The first message is not a ban notification: it's the in-game hack detection reacting to the client being desynced from the server. Restarting your computer and checking your connection should be enough to solve this issue.
    The second message has popped up reportedly twice now. I'm not sure of the cause or where any error may lie.
    The third message is what actually appears when you are banned. It should give a basic description of your ban (e.g. "hacking") and, if it's temporary, an end date.
  • johnrulesjohnrules
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    It may be related to this... nexon is automatically banning new registration on new accounts. Many people are currently experiencing it and trust me you're not the only one... If you got the message "Your account has been block, please contact billing or whatever" then you're on the same boat as everyone else.