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Action Pets

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A different breed of pet has come to town, one with a thirst for adventure... that's why they're called Action Pets ! Action Pets are a unique addition to MapleStory and have different abilities than normal pets. You can give your Action Pet one of three special attributes, each of which influences its personality and allows it to cast powerful buffs. They can even morph into an even more powerful form, and can evolve as they grow up!


Action Pets - How To Guide

To start adventuring with your new friend, purchase an Action Demon Egg or a Miho Box from the Cash Shop. Before you met your Action Pet, you will have to answer a question that will determine your pet's attribute. Action Demons can be powered by the attribute of Light, Life, or Time. Action Mihos can be powered by the attribute of Sparkling, Ephemeral, or Perfumed.


Once your Action Pet’s attribute has been determined, you can hang out with it, feed it or gain EXP to level it up. Summon Demon pets to obtain the Demon Pet Boost skill, or summon Miho pets to obtain the Miho Pet Boost skill, both of which will increase your Weapon Attack and Magic Attack. Lv. 30 is the level cap for Action Pets, and the Lv. 30 buff does not stack with itself. Once your pet hits Lv. 30 you can start evolving it! To evolve your Action Pet you'll need to acquire an Accelerator, which drops from the bonus stage that appears after beating an Elite Boss. Un-equip your pet and use the Accelerator, and your Demon will evolve into a Devil, and your Miho will evolve into a Spirit Miho! Evolved Action Pets can cast even more powerful buffs.


Action Pets can also transform. To transform your pet, enter the “transform” command into the chat window. Type “return” to change back. Action pets can transform before or after they evolve, but their transformed state will have a different appearance after evolution.



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