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Beginner Equips - Final Gear

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Reboot Worlds

Level 1-39
Earring: Weighted Earring (Blue Mushroom/Crying Blue Mushroom)
Badge: Curbrock's Badge (Level 27 Quest from Sabitrama)
Shoulder: Curbrock's Shoudler (Level 30 Quest from Sabitrama)
Belt: Curbrock's Belt (Level 30 Quest from Sabitrama)
Medal: Quest Specialist (Level 33 Quest from Medal NPC Dalair)
Hat: Blue Bamboo Hat (Dust Box)
Male Top: Orange Sporty T-Shirt (Blue Mushroom)
Male Bottom: Warfare Pants (Henesys Armory)
Female Top: Red-Striped T-Shirt (Potted Morning Glory)
Female Bottom: Ice Jeans (Serpent)
Glove: Work Gloves (Potted Morning Glory)
Boot: Blue or Red Sneakers (Henesys Armory)
Main Weapon: Aluminum Baseball Bat (Mixed Golem)
Secondary Weapon: Ereve Fragment (Neville)

Level 40-69
Face: Flower Tattoo (Captain Darkgoo) - Sailor Mask (Riena Strait Questline)
Earring: Octopus Earring (Gold Beash Questline)
Pendant: Curbrock's Pendant (Level 60 Quest from Sabitrama)
Ring: Curbrock's Ring (Level 60 Quest from Sabitrama)
Medal: Master of All Knowledge (Tot's final quest)
Hat: Zakum Helm (Easy Zakum Party Quest)
Cape: Black Magic Cape (Dark Golem)
Main Weapon: Blazing Sword (1H Sword) (Wild Kargo)
Secondary Weapon: Ereve Idea (Neville)

Level 70-111
Totem: Beodog Figurine, Billy Figurine, Mensa Figurine, Adler Figurine (Afterlands Questline)
Hat: Chaos Zakum Helm (Chaos Zakum Party Quest)
Eye: Aquatic Letter (Zakum Party Quest)
Face: Condenced Power Crystal (Zakum Party Quest)
Earring: Strawberry Earring (Lycanthrope)
Ring: Silent Crusader Ring (Silent Crusade Questline)
Title: Apprentice Hunter (Silent Crusade Questline)
Male Bottom: Stirgeman Power Pants Mk II (I.AM.ROBOT)
Glove: Strong Machine Gloves (Keeny's Questline)
Boot: Violet Snowshoe (Wolf Spider)
Cape: Blue Musketeer Cape (Elder Wraith)
Main Weapon: Black Umbrella (Ninja Castle Weapon Merchant)
Secondary Weapon: Ereve Brilliance (Neville)
Burning Event: Hat, Overall, Cape

Level 112-139
Earring: Ifia's Earring (Lionheart Castle - Daily Quest) - Dea Sidus Earring (Easy Horntail)
Pendant: Ifia's Pendant (Lionheart Castle - Daily Quest)
Badge: Crystal Ventus Badge (Magnus Party Quest)
Ring: Ifia's Ring (Lionheart Castle - Daily Quest)
Ring: Noble Ifia's Ring (Exchange 10 Ifia Accessories with Ifia)
Ring: Silver Blossom Ring (Easy Horntail Party Quest)
Shoulder: Legend Maple Shoulder (The Brewing Storm Quest)
Belt: Legend Maple Buckle (Cleaning Up the Streets Quest)
Medal: Silent Crusade Champion (Level 120 Silent Crusade Questline)
Title: Capable Hunter (Silent Crusade Questline) - The One Called Hero (Heroes of Maple Questline)
Main Weapon: Crimson Arcglaive (Joko's Badge Exchange)

Level 140-160 (both genders)
Eye: Sweetwater Glasses (Commerci Party Quest)
Face: Sweetwater Tattoo (Commerci Party Quest)
Earring: Sweetwater Earring (Commerci Party Quest)
Pendant: Superior Gollux Pendant (Gollux Part Quest)
Pendant: Reinforced Gollux Pendant (Gollux Part Quest)
Ring: Superior Gollux Ring (Gollux Part Quest)
Ring: Reinforced Gollux Ring (Gollux Part Quest)
Ring: Solid Gollux Ring (Gollux Part Quest)
Shoulder: Hayato's Shoulder (Commerci Party Quest)
Belt: Superior Gollux Belt (Commerci Party Quest)
Medal: Fritto's/Pollo's Friend Medal (Fritto's Reward Sack)
Title: Root Abyss Master (Chaos Root Abyss Questline)
Hat: Sweetwater Hat (Commerci Party Quest)
You can stay with the Top/Bottom combo or get a Sweetwater Overall (Commerci Party Quest)
Glove: Sweetwater Glove (Commerci Party Quest)
Boot: Sweetwater Shoes (Commerci Party Quest)
Cape: Sweetwater Cape (Commerci Party Quest)

Level 200
Emblem: N/A (Unless via Event)
Pocket: N/A (Unless via Event)
Android: N/A (Unless via Event)
Heart: N/A (Unless via Event)
Medal: Twilight Warrior (Twilight Perion Questline)
Main Weapon: VIP Dagger STR (Alien Party Quest)
Regular Worlds
For the Hardcore Min-Maxers out there, here's what to get:

The build for Female has the same general setup as Male. The only change is what bottoms they use. Since Stirgeman Power Pants Mk II are for Males, the Females then have Stirgeman Power Skirt Mk II for bottoms. A myth had been solved that Horntail's Ab T-Shirt was for Males only, but in fact it's gender-neutral.

For Male:

Hat: Sweetwater Hat (Lv. 160)
Glove: Sweetwater Gloves (Lv. 160)
Boots: Sweetwater Shoes (Lv. 160)
Cape: Sweetwater Cape (Lv. 160)
Top: Horntail's Ab T-Shirt (Lv. 115)
Bottom: Stirgeman Power Pants Mk II (Lv. 90)
Eye Accessory: Sweetwater Monocle (Lv. 160)
Face Accessory: Sweetwater Tattoo (Lv. 160)
Earring: Superior Gollux Earrings (Lv. 140)
Badge: Crystal Ventus Badge (Lv. 130)
Shoulder: Sweetwater Shoulder (Lv. 160)
Pendant: Superior Gollux Pendant (Lv. 140), Chaos Horntail Pendant (Lv. 120)
Belt: Superior Gollux Belt (Lv. 140)
Ring: Superior Gollux Ring (Lv. 140), Reinforced Gollux Ring (Lv. 130), Lightning God Ring (Lv. 100), Breath of Divinity (Lv. 150), Ultimatum Ring (Lv. 110)
Pocket: (Magic Pocket Pouch) Pink Holy Grail (Lv. 140)
Totem: Hunter Totem (Lv. 30), King of Beast Totem (Lv. 30), Bear Foot Totem (Lv. 30)
Title: Root Abyss Master
Medal: Fritto's Friend (Lv. 0), Twilight Warrior (180)
Weapon: VIP STR Dagger (Lv. 127)
Secondary: Stone Shield (Lv. 45)
Android: Battle-Roid (Lv. 10)
Heart: Outlaw Heart (Lv. 150)