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Possibly a fault on account system

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General situation:
A friend of mine suddenly lost his account. The email that supposed to be binded to the acccount also got replaced somehow without him gotten any notice, eventhough he has been playing actively almost everyday. All of the thread below based on Reboot Server and a friend of mine with IGN Kaerox, Class : Hero

Details :
This is all what i heard from the person itself. Around 14 days ago, he suddenly lost his account. he couldn't get online. And the hacker hopped into his char, quit the guild. He has been in our guild since he was a very low level. He tried to check the account and he found that The email that supposedly to be binded into the account had been changed. So he talked to maple live support. and also He sent a ticket. According to him, there is no email notification to his email about someone claiming his account or someone trying to change his account. He has been providing a lot of evidence including the credit card information that he used to purchase NX on his account, and also everything related to his account. But until now, it has been around 14 days and there is no news from Maplestory. It is really a huge dissapointment that even after 14 days, Maplestory team fail to help its customer to claim back his account even with all the prove/ evidence he has provided.

Maplestory Failure to protect its customer account:

1. How do you even allow a change of email binded to an account without giving enough buffer time or even reply to the original email itself so that in case a hacker trying to falsely claim our account, not able to easily hacked ours. You can actually make a system like, if there is a change of email, the account will be frozen for at least 3-7 days?

2. Kaerox is actively playing everyday. And why didn't you check his activity in case others illegally claiming, as him, that he lost the email? Since he has been playing everyday, obviously it wass a false claim.

3. You need to check your staff. There is a possibility one of the people you employ intentionally stealing players account, either by himself or with cooperation with others. If it is the staff who easily gave out the account or change the account without the account owner, it might be intentional fraud. As by stealing an account, if they luckily get a normal server account with a lot of things / resources, they might sell it for a good amount of dollars/ cash. You might want to check it out if this happening a lot / frequent on certain person you employed.

4. How can it be so hard and no action yet until 14 days eventhough Kaerox can provide you a lot of evidence ncluding his credit card information, in game information, the original email and he have provided all other information that only the original owner of the account knows about. He knows a lot of things that the hacker wouldn't know. He even willing if you want to talk face to face using social media application. I bet the hacker woldn't dare to talk face to face using social media like whatsapp or any other media.
Remember to record it if you do so you can finds out who the criminal is. As chat or claim can be false, but real face can't be changed easily and can't claim a lot of account.

5. It has been 14 days and yet no reply from Maplestory team at all. At the bank, when people lose their account, only takes them 30 minutes-1 hour to verify it. But you takes 14 days long? how credible is that? how did you make your protection system for your customer related to their account. If Kaerox doesn't have any evidents, i would say for him to wait. But with so many evidents he can provide, until 14 days, you don't even help him to get his account back. And he is now on the verge of quitting, it is really a big dissapointment, not only to him, but to me too, as this might be happening to any players. And possibly already happening to hundreds or thousands of players.