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Bean Brigade confusion?

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Uhh curious what the perks are for being accepted as a Bean Brigadier? I am guessing this, but maybe they will get exclusive access or more information on future game updates and perhaps a greater voice/influence for changes to be applied by the community for forwarding to Nexon? Maybe this will be considered as a paid job your hired into, or is it all passion/volunteer work?

As far as I can understand it, as it is there are some negatives by being accepted as a Bean Brigadier as well. "As I see it" you give up all ownership rights to unique content you create to Nexon and on top of that you give up your freedom of speech to give any negative or constructive criticism to any thing directed towards Maplestory or Nexon. Finally I'm not quite sure about this, but if you were to betray/break the agreement you may be held liable to be possibly sued for violating the terms of such an agreement as you are voluntarily giving all your personal identification to Nexon as part of the terms?

Looking forward to clarification and curious to hear about other players' opinions on this. Any one interested in joining the bean brigade?


  • PetalmagicPetalmagic
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    As someone who wants to become a part of the Bean Brigade...well I do my best to create some enjoyable and semi-interesting content (Hoping to do a Marvel Stream + Giveaway tomorrow, tune in for a chance at loot)
    Shameless Self-promotion aside, as an influencer I can see where you don't wanna bad-talk Nexon, who has given you the opportunity to be one of their influencers. I consider Bean Brigade to be a high honor as a lowly streamer, but I have a deep love and passion for Maplestory that I try and bring forth in my streaming. While I do occasionally meme about Nexon, its meant in fun (I.E. "Nexon doing the thing" as seen in my stream yesterday). Ultimately I may suggest something such as Bean World (DO IT) as a theme dungeon, but I don't expect it to be taken seriously, I'm just a Mapler with a dream at this stage in the game.