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Kritias Weekly, Monster kills not counting

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edited June 2019 in Bug Reporting
Bug type:

Brief bug summary:
Monster kills of monster corresponding with the allocated weekly quest do register the kills when attempting to finish each quest. Monster drops however, do count towards the quest.

More details:
It also a worth mentioning that portals that link towards the center circle of the Kritias map are unusable with no message to indicate why not, nothing happens when a player attempts to press up on the portal. When opening the world map in Kritias the map opens to a map of the whole Leafre area as opposed to just Kritias as it did previously. Smart mount navigation is also not working in Kritias as nothing happens after confirming smart mount payment(mesos).

Steps to reproduce:
Walk towards any map containing the required quest monsters, change the channel once to ensure you are in the quest map as opposed to the invasion version of the map.

Monster kills will not count towards the quest, be it the Quest helper, Quest log or the Counter than appears in the center of the screen when killing quest mobs.

Character name:

Character level:

Character job:
Demon Slayer

World name:


  • SoloPartySoloParty
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    I tried making a video of the quest not working, I don't know how to show that I pressed ''up'' on the portal and that it didn't work. I also notice that I can't see my location when looking at the map. https://streamable.com/l9jj9